Trumpet Laquer

Follow some steps of the process of lacquering the Padovani instruments.


We offer several finishing options.


Brushed, aged, lacquer in various shades.


Silver, gold and copper.








Silver and copper bath in trumpet


This instrument was originally lacquered and had several points of displacement.


We make the game of heavy chaplains and remove the original lacquer.

After preparation, we applied silver bath in the body and bath of copper in the moving parts.


The result was this ...


A beautiful instrument, with an even more refined sound.




Surface Finishing Exchange - Nickel and Chrome - Internal Trombone Rod



Complete repair of the surface of the internal trombone rod.


Extremely delicate and accurate service.


See the result!








Tuba laquer



We remove the original lacquer and apply lacquer in gold tone.


We took care that the tonality did not cover the pieces in alpaca.


In an instrument of this size the care with the preparation and lacquering is very important so that the result is adequate.


One more satisfied customer!






Ultrasound cleaning on trumpet



Smith Watkins of Cláudio Sampaio teacher in Conservatory of Tatuí.


Note how this cleaning system is highly efficient, even without using any tool to remove internal dirt.









Limpeza ultrassom - Vara de trombone



Essa peça merece todo cuidado e atenção.


Note como o ultrassom realiza uma limpeza perfeita!



Lead Pipe Curve Change - Tuba Dillon


The customer requested that the lead pipe be changed.


We remove the entire tube. We made and added a new curve.


Then we showered silver with care so that the tonality was correct.

See the result!







Tuning bell - Modifying Yamaha trumpet


Confection of railing assembly for bell.


Making of clamp with screw to fix bell.


Adequacy of the positioning of the bell rods.


What do you think of that idea?







Ultrasonic cleaning trumpet



This video shows well what ultrasound cleaning can do for your instrument.


Enjoy also the test performed by the great trumpet player Diego Garbin.











Shifting of bell

and placing of limiter turn 3










Change of cork in saxophone tudel (portuguese cork)